Tuesday, November 15, 2011

925 Silver Necklace Set with CZ White Pear Drops China Factory And Supplier

High Quality of 925 Silver Necklace Set with CZ White Pear Drops Oval Cut and Round CZ Stones from China Factory and Supplier:
Item No.: S01H01580
High Quality 925 Silver Necklace set with Pear Drops White CZ Stones
Material: High Quality 925 Silver Necklace 
Set with CZ Stones: CZ White Oval Pear Drop Double side Checkerboard Cut stones16x24mm   1 PC,
Oval Cut White CZ Stone: 6x8mm : 4 Pcs
Round White CZ Stone:1.25mm : 36 PCS
Bracelet Sizes: As per your request.
Weight: 21.11 grams
Contact us for more designs of 925 Silver CZ  Necklaces and Sterling CZ Necklaces,Fashion NecklaceFrom China Factory And Supplier:
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